LUMO is an artistic intervention designed by Irena Übler & Lyft Creative Studio working with the reuse and the transformation of recycled plastic and exploring the rhythm of colour and reflection of the digital light. By video mapping the chain reaction of optical elements will be projected on a physical created surface – made out of recycled plastic tiles.

Our intention is to make the visitor aware for the importance of recycling and transformation of the plastic. Disposable goods will be transformed into an artistic object and enhanced to a noble dimension.


Recycled plastic (PP 05) is shredded into little bits and than transformed by heat and compression into flat tiles. The arrangement of melted plastic granulates is pressed into a thin semi-transparent square. The different colourful patterns are evolved by the pressure within the compression process.

The total amount of 124 single tiles is assembled on a freestanding metal structure with the dimensions of 2 x 3m.
Mapping one by one and retro-projected with an animation of optical elements results into an artistic interpretation of the evolution of plastic waste.

The observer will be lead through a visual journey, which relates to the process of disposable plastic going through the process of becoming a conceptual part of the light installation.



Creative TeamIrena Übler & Lyft Creative Studio
Motion design & Video mapping — Lyft Creative Studio
Design of the installation — Irena Übler
Location — Loulé for LUZA – Algarve International Festival of Light
Date — November 2018
Main materials — Freestanding steel frame (2x3m), 1 projector 7000lm, 1 workstation, recycled plastic, Precious Plastic machines for manufacturing the plastic tiles.